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Energy Healing at Steamboat Springs, Reno, NV

This past Christmas, I made my way to Reno, Nevada of all places.  Why did I eschew somewhere more glamorous like Acapulco or Hawaii for Reno, Nevada, you may ask?

The day after Christmas, or “Boxing Day” as our friends in Canada call it–I went to see an energy healer named Michael Anthony Limacher . Michael has been doing energy work for over 30 years—and has a remarkable record of efficacy. I ran across his name on another healing website.  His own website, although simple- emanates a certain energy itself that I was attracted to.  Websites can and do transmit energy—they usually reflect the spirit of their creators—and a good designer can encapsulate the essence of the creators’ vision through design.

Photos also carry energy.  That’s why John of God in Brazil, Michael Limacher and other energy healers can “remote heal” with just a photographic image.

Michael’s in person-healing was amazing.  About an hour and ½ worth of gentle hand touches at various points around my body.  I could visualize the acupuncture meridian points all connecting in hot energy.  I felt my cells tingling, functioning at a higher level.  Vibrating.  It felt really amazing.

Energy Healer Michael Limacher

The setting for this much-needed healing was Steamboat Springs, a spa about 20 minutes outside of town.  This place looks like a forgotten old Spanish mission, slightly hokey, slightly run-down buts till fabulous.  These volcanic healing waters come right from the earth at extremely high temperatures, and contain rare minerals found no where else on earth.   Everyone gets their own private room, where you can soak luxuriantly in this remarkable hot mineral water.  There is also a geothermal steam room (which is great because you should NEVER go in a regular steam room—which just gas-ifies noxious toxins found in tap water.)  But geothermal steam- absolutely wonderful! There is also color therapy from the stained glass in the private rooms.

The place lacks a dry sauna, however.  This is regrettable as sweating in a dry sauna is one of the absolute best things you can do to rid your body of oil soluble toxins.

After my day at Steamboat Springs, and energy healing with Michael, I looked and felt amazing.  Michael lives in Alaska, but is at Steamboat various times of the year.  You can check with their website to find out his schedule.

Energy Healing seems a little ‘airy fairy,’ doesn’t it?  Well it works.  I think energy healing will be the future of medicine.  I actually met Mony Vital, another prominent energy healing expert at the recent WeDharma Salon, and will be interviewing him soon for a story on WeDharma.com.

Peace.  John

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